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8 x workshops (Salsa Festival 2024) - Intermediate/advanced


ATTENTION! You must register for classes separately. Once we receive your payment, we will add a ticket/tickets for you to the Baila Baila reservation system Bsport. We will add them using the same email with which you purchased the product. You can register for classes by logging into Bsport either with your existing credentials OR by selecting "forgot password" and using your email to get a new password and log in. DO NOT create a new profile, since we have already created one if we can't find an existing one with the given email. If you do not see the product in your account within 5 days of purchase, please contact us via email: info@bailabailayhdistys.fi. Please note that this process is done manually.

ATTENTION! If you purchased multiple tickets under your own name, please send us an email at info@bailabailayhdistys.fi with the name and email of the other person, so we can add the products to their account.

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